Friday, February 1, 2013

Homemade Dog treats

Dog treats are pricey, especially the good quality ones like chicken tenders and dried sweet potatos.  I don't know why the sweet potatos are so expensive, it's not like it's a rare item...  On that note, I need to learn how to do my own sweet potatos...

Anyway, there's a million ways to make dog treats.  Here's a great page that shows you how to Make Your Own Dog Treats.

If you are going to do this though, and maybe come up with your own recipe, it's a good idea to review the foods that dogs can and cannot have.

So, here's mine that I've done for a while.  I used to make them for Aspen all the time.  I was out of cookies for Calli and after browsing the pet section in the local store, I thought to myself, maybe I should start making these for Calli. 

As I was getting my ingredients, Calli got a little curious and joined me in the kitchen.

So here we go...

 2 cups wheat flour
1 cup oats (doesn't matter what kind)
2 egg whites
1 cup chicken broth - I use a low sodium organic broth (water is fine too)
1 tbs olive oil
flavoring - this time I used 2 jars of Beech Nut Sweet Potato & Turkey baby food - you can use cheese, peanut butter, bananas, or other types of baby food.  Just adjust your liquid according to what you use.
 Mix everything together in a bowl and drop onto a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

You can make them whatever size you want.  The consistancy should be about that of chocolate chip cookie dough.  Since there's no butter and minimal oil, you can put them close together since they will not spread.
 Bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, take them out and flip them.  If you have more dough you can put this on the same cookie sheet.  Since they are set, you can put the first batch right next to eachother or even on top if you need to.

Go for another 30 minutes.  When the time is up, take off the 1st batch and flip the second and go for another 30 minutes.
This is where you have to decide if these are good enough for you and your pup, or you wand a more dried out crunchy cookie.  I like a dried out crunchy cookie.

I did give Calli a bite just to see how she was finding the treat so far.
She approved...

 Break them up in smaller pieces if you want to and bake at 200 degrees for about 3 hours.

Finished product

Needless to say, Calli also approved of the finished product.
Have fun with the variety! 

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