Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Conjuring

No Spoilers

I have a love/hate relationship with scary movies. I love them because it gets the adrenaline pumping and I love seeing other people's reactions to the scary parts.  I hate them because nothing scares me.  The boo moments, as I call them, don't make me jump.  The creepy parts aren't that creepy and blood and gore really doesn't do much for me.

The only horror movies that even do anything for me are the Japanese originals of some movies you may have seen the American remakes.  Two good examples are The Ring and The Grudge.  If you do your research, there's a bunch more.  There are also some that have not (that I know of) been remade.  Yes, you have to read subtitles but you get used to it very quickly.

Anyway, I digress.  I went to see this movie today with some friends.  The first 20 minutes are a little slow, but it was the usual set up for things to come.  I don't jump, I don't scream, I don't cuss, I don't put my hands over my eyes.  I jumped, I screamed, I cussed, I put my eyes over my eyes - twice.

If you like scary movies but are usually disappointed by most, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

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