Friday, June 14, 2013

Money Doesn't Equal Happiness... But It Does Pay Bills

I have a hard time saving money.  I'm one of those people that when I see something I want, I get it.  I'm also not proud of my credit card balances.  I'm working on those.  On top of it all, I want to move from where I am in Ga to somewhere in NC.  That will take money.  I have a goal of Fall 2015 for my move. 
I saw something on Pinterest one day that intrigued me.  Every week for a year you add money to a jar and after a year you have $1378.00.  The plan has you start out with week 1 putting 1$ in and going from there.  Others have said, pick your week/amount (as seen on my jar) and put in the most that you can every week and cross of that week/amount.  If you're having a bad week, do a lower amount and cross it off.  If your doing pretty good at the time, do a higher amount and cross it off.
I found the idea here.  I'm definitely going the route of depositing the most I can per week and crossing it out.  I didn't print the sheet used on the site but just hand wrote my own.  You can see I have 24 marked out.  That was week 1.  This was started a few weeks ago so I have a few more marked out.
I think this is a really good plan.  I think you could customize it for kids to learn to save money.  Alter it to way lower amounts and set a goal for a toy or game they want.
Happy saving!

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