Thursday, May 2, 2013

This Year's Little Ones

This is Ethel.  She's a house finch that made her nest on the ledge of my front porch last spring.  Well, she and Fred are back and I'm very excited they're back.  I just let them be last year because I was afraid of spooking them into leaving their young.  This year I hang around and talk to Ethel a little before I go in the house.  She seems to be used to me a little more this year because she hangs out where as last year she would fly off as soon as I walked onto the front porch.

Not the best picture, but hopefully there is more to come.  I hope to get pictures of the chicks as they grow.  Lol, my neighbors will probably think I'm crazy taking a chair out to take pictures, but so be it. 

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