Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Downfall of Juicing

So...  form a previous post, if you saw it, I told you about my endeavor into juicing.  I was so excited that I was telling everyone about it.  It lasted exactly a week.  What's funny is a Facebook acquaintance of mine posted about her interest in juicing and asked if anyone had a cheap juicer she could buy off someone so I gave mine to her. 
It was too time consuming and expensive for me.  According to all the info I researched, it wasn't like you could make enough juice for the week and drink it. The longest amount of time was 24 hours to drink your juice before it started losing it's nutrients.  It was also messy. Anyway, long story short, it just wasn't for me.
So I continued with my clean eating and have lost another 5 pounds.  People are starting to notice which is definitely encouraging.  Going to continue with what I'm doing and see what happens.  Current weight is 188. 
BTW, Calli says hi.

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