Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Walking Dead

In case you do plan on watching this show and you are not up to the current eposode, there are spoilers ahead!
In case you've been living in a hole, The Walking Dead is a show on AMC in it's 3rd season.  As a matter of fact, the mid-season break ends today with Episode 9.  (They're running a marathon right now as I type.  I love marathons.  (Just for clarification, not the ones that involve actual running.)
The show is based on a comic that started in 2003 and I believe is still ongoing.  I first saw it on Netflix and thought what the heck, it's streaming and if it sucks, I'll just stop watching.  I watched the entire first season in 2 days.  I was hooked.  Now I know what you're thinking... zombies blah blah blah.  Yes, I know zombies have been getting a little old lately, but this show is different.  I haven't been so hooked on a show since Lost. 
 I'm not going to go into some critic like review about how the storylines are compelling and the characters are so real and so on and so forth.  I'm just gonna say I LOVE THIS SHOW!  I do have to warn you though.  The creator has a habit of killing off the most loved characters. 
So far my 2 favorite characters have been safe.
Glenn is played by Steven Yeun.  Steven hasn't been in to much, maybe 2 dozen spots in a TV show here and there and a couple video game voice rolls.  He was at Dragon*con last year and I missed his panel because of a conflict with another which took priority. (sorry Steve) I'm hoping he'll be back this year and I'll see him since I'll be there Fri-Mon instead of 1 day.  
and Daryl
Daryl is by far the show favorite, at least for the ladies.  But as bad ass as he is, I'm sure he's a lot of the guys favorite too.  He's played by Norman Reedus who I first saw in Boondock Saints.  (If you have not seen this movie, you need to)  He's a great actor that has been in tons of movies and TV shows, although none are really that well known.  Boondock Saints is probably the only thing people would know him for unless you are an avid fan and follow him. 
His crowning moment of glory was when he took Lori's baby and held her and was bottle feeding her.  Memes came out like pumpkin flavored everything in the fall. 

Anyway, I got off track there...  Daryl kind of does that to me...
Check out the show if you're into this sort of thing.  If you've been avoiding it thinking it's just another zombie show, it's not, I promise.

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