Saturday, February 23, 2013


I've heard good things, and I've heard bad things.  More good than bad so I'm giving it a go.

Fat Sick And Nearly Dead check it out.  This documentary has inspired me among other documentaries like - Forks over Knives 

A mass of fruits and veggies and my new juicer in the back.

My first juice.  Um, yuck.  It's funny because I've done smoothies with these ingredients.  My smoothies also include almond milk and bananas that mellow things out.  I managed to get this glass down and had to blend with a banana later to drink the rest.  Too "green."

A little better this time.  Carrots, oranges, an apple and a handful of spinach.  Actually pretty good.

The only solid food I ate today was a whole wheat tortilla with a slice of cheese melted.  I HAD to have something solid. 

So not bad for the 1st day I think.  Can't wait to try different combos.  Also can't wait for the weight to drop.  Starting weight - 193.

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