Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Kids

So, as an animal lover I'm sure you can guess that I have some.  I have a 2 year old chow/husky mix named Calli and an approximately 6-7 year old cat named Cat.  Yes, her name is Cat.  Long story.

A few years ago I had an Akita named Aspen. 

She was my heart.  I lost her to an illness when she was 9.  I had to make the decision to put her to sleep suddenly in 1 day.  It sucked.  A lot.  A couple years before, I could tell she was getting lonely and where I was living at the time I couldn't have another dog, but they would allow a cat.  So I got Cat to keep her company.
They were best friends.  Slept together, ate together and snuggled together.  Then Aspen was gone.  I was devistated.  I could tell Cat was too.  For a little over a year I couldn't even think about another dog.   Then came Calli.

I saw Calli on Petfinder.  I actually spotted her brother but when I went to meet him I saw her.  Her name was Hilda at the time.  Ya, Hilda?  Not happening.  She stood out.  The fact that I was used to a female kind of influenced me too.  Males hump and hike their legs.  I didn't think I was prepared for that yet.  So we came home after she was spayed.  It was a long ride from Columbia, SC.  She howled the whole way.  What was I doing? 
I didn't crate train Aspen.  I didn't know any better and it took me almost 9 months to break her.  This wasn't happening with Calli.  She cried and howled for weeks sleeping in her crate at night.  I almost gave up.  Then, one night she was silent the whole night.  Success!
Enter Cat.  Cat was not pleased from day 1. 

Here is the 1st meeting.  Sorry about the horribly orange tone.  I had a crappy camera then.

To this day it's definitely a love/hate relationship.  One minute they're hanging out on the bed, the next they're chasing each other around the house.


The moral of the story is - dogs and cats are special.  They give us companionship, challenges, unconditional love, fun, and so much more.  If you have any thoughts of owning a pet, go with it.  You can do it.  All you need to provide is love and care.  You will get it back tenfold and it will be the most rewarding thing you have ever done.

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