Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Changes.  The new year is here.  Did you make resolutions?  Have you gotten to the point where it's no use because you know you will never keep them?

Was it - to stop smoking? - lose weight? - excercise more? - stop drinking? - etc. etc...

I think resolutions are our way of justifying to ourselves that yes, we were bad last year and now I'm going to do better.  But then we fall off the wagon and the resolution we made will be redone next year.

I'm done with that.  I'm overweight.  I need to change.  I did the gym thing, not for me (I'm not saying exercise is not beneficial, just that that environment for exercise was not for me).  I've starved myself, definitly not for me. 

I mentioned I'm a Pinterest addict.  Through Pinterest I've learned of something called "clean eating".  Check it out, look it up.  Since Thanksgiving week I've lost 14 pounds.  Height and starting weight?  Not telling.

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